Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ukraine-Silk-No Coalition

The President of Ukraine was obviously and evil corrupt man BUT he was voted in by a democratic system so had the backing of his Parliament so should he be just the one to be prosecuted? the people in power have taken over the Government by using violent means have they any more right to govern then the previous government? Investigation is in process by all account aided by British Police (WHY) to discover who killed protestors, one must asked will they be so diligent trying to capture the people who killed the Police Officers?

I like a lot of people believe that most Lawyers earn a fortune many on the discredited legal aid system yet TV and Films always portray them as Legal Angels. Last night in the new series of Silk proved my point, an 18 year old was accused of Manslaughter after killing a Police Officer in demonstration. The women lawyer was anti police and believed every copper was corrupt and sadly one of the Police Officers added to his statement. Then near the end of the trial the Lawyer is told the man did go berserk and attack the Police Officer by his girlfriend it then turns out the man had mental issues and heard voices telling him to do the violent act. Now would the Lawyer tell the court NO she wanted to win the case so she did  nothing and won. Because of here own corrupt attitude here was a killer who needed helped is released into Society and then congratulated by the rest of her staff. Now you will say, the same as the wife, it is only a programme, yet the story line is overseen by Lawyers and written by people who have been involved in the Legal system so the programme is based on real facts. People who write these TV programmes have a major influence on the Public it an be a useful piece of propaganda to promote their views

Some good news from David Cameron he has said that if voted in again he will not get involved in a Coalition Government again, even if it is a minority government. Can I say HOORAY working with those ridiculous LibDems has been a disaster hopefully we will get back to real Conservative Policies

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