Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is there a need to swear in Social Media?

I can not understand why people who have to write a message i.e Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc and  have to use bad language. In conversation you can get worked up and angry and swear words come out sometimes instantaneously but when you consciously write it or type it I think is apprehensable. 
I am no saint and I have and do use swear words in speech but I try not to swear in front of children or women or when public speaking. Yet I am told I am old fashioned and belong in the 1950's that maybe is the case swearing has become second nature in nearly all media, entertainment and socially, it is even common with children. I know what I would have got as child if I swore in front of an adult and would not have been a sweet. 
Yet sometimes people  have a very important point to make but in my opinion it is nullified by foul language .
I can still remember when a women walked into a Bar the landlord would say lady in the bar and that meant no swearing, I think you will all agree that doesn't happen today. 
Mind you I had some advice and was told "don't like it don't read it" and that is true but I would soon run out of things to read and watch. 
Maybe its me clinging on to past decencies? Or should I finish this note by saying who gives a F**K, thank God for the asterisk as I nearly became modern and moved into 2014

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