Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Big Benefits Row Channel 5

The Big Benefits Row Channel 5

This programme was absolute disgrace it had one leftwing Women presenter using the F word, it had a group of what I would call “Militant Feminists Single Mothers” shouting and screaming in the background at one point chanting More Money. The whole thing was chaotic, with a leftwing Bias. Matthew Wright known for promoting his own views, just watch his programme in the morning, was the supposed to be the impartial intermediary. He lost control of a program, which was designed to cause conflict. ¾ of those present were even on benefit or had an anti government agenda by putting people like Edwina Curry and Katie Hopkins against a loaded left wing out of work audience and two left wing presenters was bound to cause trouble. This was not a sensible debate, it was a about Television Theatre a means of creating ratings for Channel 5. I wasted my time watching it and learnt nothing new

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