Thursday, February 13, 2014

EU Dictators-Shirt lifter- Is your child safer in Riussia

Sally Bercow the speakers wife is a liability married to a Conservative she wants to stand as a Labour Candidate in the next election which seems odd but her behaviour make you wonder why she should have any involvement with any Political Party.

The arrogance of those who work for the EU is unbelievable see the statement below. How any one can support this Undemocratic Socialist Organisation beggar’s belief and I will bet we will not be offered a Referendum. The EU is becoming a dictatorship
Viviane Reding, vice-president of the European Commission, questioned whether British people are capable of making a decision in an EU..

I do not watch Celebrity Life programmes but by chance I switched on the Jim Davidson one and it was great. I have always liked him not to keen when he keeps swearing but he is still very funny. It seems he had a very hard year where he was wrongly accused of molesting women after that  he was invite on to Big brother, which he won. I never watch this rubbish but it seem a lot of people with the IQ of a squirrel do and this has regenerated his career. Obviously they had some lefty feminist reporter condemning everything he done but she just made herself look ridiculous when she said that people no longer call Gays “queers, poofs and shirt lifters” they may not on the PC TV but go to any working mans pub and you will hear different. Mind you they also call people with spectacles “4 eyes”, Ginger people “copper nob” with freckles “Kellogg’s” Fat people “porky” they have even called me “Jethro” these people need to get out and meet people not just the PC inner circle of TV. Mind you if they did they would have the Thought Police around like a shot

In Russia you can promote abnormal sexual behaviour to the under 18’s, if you are under 18 and go to a doctor they cannot prescribe anything without informing the parents. Compare that with the fact that children as young as 11 in the UK have access to the pill and condoms. Now look at the two items below and tell where young people are safer in Russia or UK? Are the Morals higher in Russia then the UK?

Gay student, 19, planning to lose his virginity in front of audience of 100 'in the name of art' picks central London gallery as venue for the controversial 'exhibit'


This is very offensive to Gay Men, but I expect Stephen Fry and members of stonewall will be watching with score cards

  • Alison Gold released the 'sexualised' pop video this week on YouTube
  • The video has a 'bondage' theme and shows Gold in handcuffs
  • Singer 'arrested' and writhes in sexy gear in 'prison'
  • She is 'executed' in a mock electric chair which emits sparks
  • Video producer answers criticism saying it is 'art'
  • Calls for the director to be banned from 'working with children'

Can you wonder why children as young as 12 are getting pregnant, when we parade children a sex object. How long before the age of consent is lowered to 12? and the feminist and liberal elite believe this all for the emancipation of women or are they just a group of perverts?

I do my best not watch these programme’s I find them boring, tedious and amateurish. The last time I watched the singers would come out with I am doing for my dead mum, my little baby, the people of Africa and so on plus they would be crying when they said it. Now it is I am gay? What has any of this to do with whether you can sing or not? They should be judged on their ability to sing. Or a Jim Davidson answer would be what difference does it make if you are a Sh*r* Lifter or a D* ke. Put the * in just in case The PC Brigade are reading and they say we have freedom of speech

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