Monday, February 17, 2014

Clegg is a fool

Here you have that fool Nick Clegg saying the Tories have to connect with the electorate like he does read the next article
70% say no more migrants Clegg and his LibDems say there is nothing wrong with immigration, The LibDems say they will not back a referendum on Europe yet the majority of the electorate want one, half of those who vote LibDems think immigration is out of control. Now who is out of touch this man is already looking for another way to stay in Government with most probably just 10% of the popular vote and we can have a carpet bagger like him in Government and they call this a democracy?

Is Nick Clegg warming to a coalition with Labour? Lib Dem leader says party has 'changed' while attacking Tories for lurch to the right
  • Nick Clegg says Labour party has changed and is becoming more credible
  • But claims his party's input will ensure Ed Miliband does not 'break bank'
  • Meanwhile, Lib Dem leader criticised Conservatives for lurching to right
  • Says coalition partners have become 'more ideological' since the election
  • His comments follow thaw in relations with shadow chancellor Ed Balls

70% say no to more migrants: Survey reveals public's concerns about immigration

  • Poll was commissioned for Channel 5's Big British Immigration Row: Live
  • It also showed two thirds of voters think Britons should get jobs priority
  • Almost half of Lib Dem supporters said immigration should slow down

I took part of this from the following article “The department, run by Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, recently gave £15million to cattle ranchers in Colombia, the world’s 30th richest country, to help cut flatulence in cows”

Stop wasting aid money on countries that don't need it: Target real poverty, says minister

  • Taxpayers are 'funding poorly run projects in middle-income countries'
  • Justine Greening warns ministers they face probe by UK aid watchdog
  • She fears spending by Decc could cut public support for overseas aid

Ignore the fact the COE is religion imagine it being a club and when you join you accept the rules and regulations, once a member you may want change them through the Clubs Constitution but if you can not, you must abide by the Rules or you will be expelled from the club. The same should be the same with these Gay Priests either accept the rules or leave there are plenty of other weirdo Churches and Religions who accept these people with abnormal sexual habits who want to become MR and MR

Church allows same-sex couples to have special prayers after their wedding - but bans gay priests from getting married

  • House of Bishops agrees to allow gay couples to ask for special prayers from their priest following wedding
  • But gay priests will be banned from getting married despite the Same-Sex Marriage Act passing into law next month
  • Church is said to be expecting rule-breakers, and one vicar - who got engaged to his boyfriend yesterday - has told how he will marry

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