Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Taste of Portugal Pork in Clams delicious

This article appeared in the Kent on Sunday which was about my favourite Restaurant. On the whole I thought it quite a pleasant article and did capture the ambiance of the venue. Yet there were a few things I did not agree with. In the article there was a complaint about the Tapas where the writer suggested that some bread and oil would have enhance the meal. I quite agree but the difference is with the writer and myself is I have a tongue in my head and I ask for bread, oil and balsamic vinegar. This rather unique method pays dividends as I always get what I want, the writer should try it sometime. He then goes on to knock the Pork in Clams, stating that there were hardly any clam meat. Well I am not sure whether the writer is a food critic, because I had the Pork in Clams for the first time on Friday and I found it to be delicious and yes there was very little clam meat but there never is in a clam. The clams were there to enhance the taste not a belly filler, I did not have chips etc as I had already had  the lovely cheese and ham Tapas, I squeezed lemon on the dish took the meat out of the clams and eat with the pork but the best was to come dipping bread into the very light sauce was an absolute delight. This dish has put my favourite the Cataplana into second place.
Yet like most things it is down to individual taste as they "one man's meat is another man's poison"

Kim and Carlos have done a marvelous job with the Taste of Portugal they took over a near derelict pub in December 2012 and turned it into a lively enjoyable restaurant with a difference. It is shame their landlord Shepherd & Neame do not support them more by giving the whole place a make over.

To finalise the writer wrote " But the varying quality in dishes is a little similar to a back street European eatery" it seems he made this remark as a negative comment but to me that what makes it unique for any one who has travelled will realise that some time the best food and best prices are in the small family run cafe/restaurants in the back streets. Carlos & Kim I will be back Friday for some more delicious food

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