Saturday, February 15, 2014

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Archbishop

Two items below which contradict themselves we have the Archbishop of Westminster condemning the Government but the real people who use the system tell it as it is
The Roman Catholic Church,of which I am one, has a fortune surely rather than condemning those who are trying to put right the system destroyed by Labour, they should support them or put their money where their mouth is.
A lot of the clergy could learn from the Pope who lives in a small apartment rafter then have all the pomp of the Vatican. It seems all the religious leaders have a glamorous lifestyle while complaining about poverty. A Priest or an Archbishop  only needs and one bedroom flat and a large Office, remember they give a vow of poverty something a lot of them have forgotten
A good Christian should work to sustain themselves and their family and should not rely on the charity of others. There many parts of the Bible which say laziness is a sin here is just one “But the Bible is clear that, because the Lord ordained work for man, laziness is sin. “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6).”
Read more:    Maybe the Archbishop should read his bible more often

'Your benefits system is crazy. It's like finding a sackful of cash left on the road': How shocking admission by Rudi and his huge Romanian family debunks Eurocrat's claims that 'benefit tourism is a myth'
  • Rudi Ion's huge family could consist of up to 100 children, with 25 cousins
  • His family moved to a 3-bedroomed house in 'shabby' Nottingham suburb
  • Laszlo Andor, announced to UK ministers: ‘Benefits tourism is a myth.’

'Cuts are causing destitution': Catholic leader says Government has destroyed 'basic safety net' and made the welfare system 'punitive'

  • Vincent Nichols, the Arhbishop of Westminster, attacked austerity
  • He said people who cannot understand the system are being punished
  • Follows attacks from Church of England Bishops last year

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE a Killer claims Human Right well what about the two people who were murdered did they not have the Human Right to live a long peaceful life?

Killer who mutilated two women fights deportation from claiming right to a family life

  • Danilo Restivo was jailed for killing two people in ritualistic slaughter
  • Theresa May has issued a deportation order to transfer him to Italy
  • Restivo has appealed against the order and will argue at a hearing
  • Lawyers have tried in vain get the special immigration court involved

This is a brilliant article on another Dim Wit LibDem

Dim as an eco-friendly lightbulb: From our peerless sketch-writer, a withering portrait of Lib Dem Minister Ed Davey who this week called...

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