Sunday, February 23, 2014

TV and TOP

I do like my TV but I am sick to death of all the Talent Shows, Jungle Shows and Big idiot (Brother) shows in fact I never watch them you so can imagine what it is like to stay in on a Saturday night. It has to be UK Gold or ITV3 or a Film. Accept now I have subscribed to Netflix and have been watching USA House of Cards sometimes we watch 4 episodes on the trot. This programme is made by Netflix which is not just giving you old movies and TV series but hopefully more homemade series.
I watched the latest Comedy "Edge of Heaven" which is based around a B&B in Margate, I am not sure but it looks like its written by the same people who wrote Gavin and Tracey. It is watchable but I can not understand the obsession TV writers have with Gay people considering that there is only 1.5% of the population who are that way inclined and the majority of us do not have Gay friends or acquaintances. Mind you the two in this series were very camp and funny but if I batted for the other side I doubt if I would want to be stereotyped like this

Had my weekly meal at the Taste of Portugal and thoroughly enjoyed a Feijoada Portuguese Bean Stew had one of these in Portugal but this one was better. TOP must be coming very popular as they have had a couple snide remarks on TripAdvisor. I sometimes wonder if rival restaurants send people in to make up complaints and boost there own facility up, because the majority of those who complained were shocked they had to eat Portuguese food! Now the test of a good restaurant is when you have a regular clientele and Friday/Saturday night are booked, which TOP is. Any rate I will recommend to anyone even those who sit by the door?

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