Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carpet and Missouri

I am surprised that some shops ever get any business we recently had some Lino laid and after a few days it started lifting so the Wife contacted the Carpet shop in East Street. They dutifully returned and made the usual excuses “In this hot weather this sometimes happens” any way the repair was done. Subsequently it lifted again so the wife returns to the shop and was told some one would attend at 8 am needless to say no one arrived so at 9am the wife telephoned the shop to be answered by an employee who denied any knowledge of the complaint and then before she could finish the complaint he hung up. I then got involved and the one thing I have learnt is I never raise my voice on the telephone then they do not have the excuse to hang up, if it a serious complaint I record the call. The rather obnoxious employee eventually agreed to contact the owner and will be calling me back. I wait with baited breath.

We were told that a fitter called at 10 am yesterday and left a card, surprisingly we never heard the door bell or saw a card. I was in the wife was in and so were my grandchildren also I was in the Office and I have a camera over the door to a monitor in my office. The fitter had personal appointment this morning and will arrive when he can? DO YOU THINK I SHOULD USE THIS SHOP AGAIN?

Below is an article on Europe’s Biggest Water Park, I was thinking of going there until I read Trip Advisor which complained of long queues and being very expensive. The problem is with Trip Advisor you get a lot of vindictive comments but after just returning from Chessington Park and experiencing the prices and the queues I am on this occasion inclined to believe the comments.

Paradise found? Aircraft hangar is home to Europe's biggest water park complete with beaches, lagoons and even a tropical rainforest
·       Tropical Islands resort is housed within the largest free-standing hall in the world
·       Space measures 66,000 square metres and is so tall the Statue of Liberty could fit inside
·       The water park is home to the world's largest indoor rainforest, along with pools and beaches
·       Holds a capacity of 6,000 visitors, along with 522 beds and 400 sunloungers 
·       Also boasts Germany's highest water slide tower, which stands at a vertigo-inducing 27 metres tall

The riot in Missouri USA over the shooting of unarmed Black Teenage Criminal is not a protest about the behaviour of the Police Force but an orchestrated act of Criminality. The rioters have set fire to buildings, looted shops, stoned the Police and fired guns at the Police and the security services.
When will protesters realise as soon as they use violence and criminality they lose the argument. I hope the US Government apply the law and take all those found looting and making criminal acts to court and once this is done look into the complaint about the Police.

What I expect will happen because Obama is a Black President and his party rely on the Black vote he will make excuses for this behaviour and pour Millions of Dollars into the area

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