Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Why should I pay for some to work?

Dear Gordon

Can you pass this on to David Cameron

I am 64 years old and when I left School in 1965 if you did not have a job all you got was unemployment benefit and after looking up the Internet there was a form of housing benefit which was started in 1948 yet I knew no one on this scheme. When you got married and had children you got Child Allowance, this was in the days when to have children you got married and you were Male and Female

My question is why as a tax Payer should I continue to support people who will not work and also those who will work. The latter being the most ridiculous, let me give you some examples?

1)   I own flats and one of my tenants has just started a Job and not a minimum wage position, yet the local council still pays him £414.39p pcm towards his rent
2)   A women in her late 30’s with two children is recently divorced she has a mortgage; her ex husband pays the minimum requirement. To claim Tax credits she has to work which she does and earns the regulated amount and then is given £200 a week Tax Credits paid for by the Tax Payer for her to work. I am not sure whether she gets any extra money for children
3)   Single Mother in her 40’s with 3 children has a part time job and get Tax Credits. Father of children contributes nothing. I am told she receives over £200 tax credits plus money for her children also she get a large proportion of her Council Tax paid as she rents a house for £650 she get this paid with Housing Benefit.
HAS the UK and its Government gone mad where does this money come from to pay this ridiculous amount? Of Course me and other Tax Payers

So who benefits from this ridiculous situation of Tax Payers paying people to work?
1)   Those on benefit
2)   The employer and large business who get very cheap labour and larger profits to themselves and their share holders

I suggest we phase out all benefits and make it law that all firms no matter how big or small pay not the Minimum Wage but a living Wage, this would put prices up but with more money in your pocket you can afford it. As a Landlord I know this will affect me because it will push rents down, as people will not be able to afford present rents. As for unemployment benefit no more money give them Food stamps etc.  as there will be no excuse for the low skilled not to work as their basic wage should be about £400 per week if you only Tax people above this that it is still a tidy sum left .

Martin Clarke

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