Monday, August 11, 2014

Labour have some interesting Tax plans

First, Labour's Deputy Leader said, 'People on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes' (Harriet Harman, LBC Radio, 14/07/14).
Then, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary promised to 'embrace' a 15% death tax which would cost the average taxpayer £46,000 (Andy Burnham, The Daily Telegraph, 30/07/14).
And now, a senior Labour figure is calling for the Party to extend their planned tax on the family home to properties worth £400,000 in the North of England - hitting an estimated 210,000 more families (Sunday Express, 10/08/14).

Labour's commitment to tax the family home is one of many tax rises they're planning for after the next election:
  • A rise in National Insurance, the tax on jobs (Observer, 20/04/14)
  • Higher fuel duty, because they oppose our fuel duty stabiliser (Labour Press Conference Q&A, 11/01/11)
  • A rise in corporation tax, putting jobs at risk (Financial Times, 24/09/13)
  • A graduate tax (Daily Politics, 02/04/14)
  • A tax on pensions (BBC News, 20 September 2013; HM Treasury, Budget 2013)
Labour want hardworking taxpayers to foot the bill for their wasteful spending and supporting Benefit Scroungers plus Immigrants

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