Friday, August 08, 2014

Womens View-Genocide in Irag

Gabby Logan I am told is a presenter is complaining about double standards with regard to bring up children. The comment below I took from the DM it is most probably the most sensible comments I have seen in ages.

I'm a woman and I actually do believe our place is looking after the kids. That's just the job that nature has nurtured us to do. All this feminist crap gets on my nerves! When will women realise that men and women are different and we should celebrate our differences not constantly try to be like the male species.

So Hamas with in minutes of the cease-fire finishing start rocketing Israel, yes they really want piece instead they brag that Israel attacks are good propaganda for them. Even after this Clegg, Cable, Morsi and 38 degrees (left wing pressure group) still support Hamas.

Yet thousands of Christians and other religious groups are being slaughtered in Northern Iraq and what does the West do nothing oh yes USA may use air strikes to support aid. Why?  The EU, USA and UK have nothing to gain financially or politically from helping these people. The destruction of ISIS is a just war it will stop the genocide of Millions of people, if they are not stopped they will be attacking the UK. Already there are reports of the ISIS Black Flag flying in the East End of London.

Does Clegg, Cable, Morsi and 38 degrees support this group as well

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