Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ukraine-Sex with Reptiles-Climate Change Con

It is proposed that NATO sends in Naval Task Force to Blockade the Black Sea, The ridiculous Lithuanian Prime Minister says that Russia is at War with Europe and EU should supply arms to Ukraine. ARE THESE PEOPLE MAD they are deliberately trying to start a War with Russia which neither side can win. Do they honestly think Russia will bow down to threats NO CHANCE?
Ask yourself who started this crisis? It was the EU and USA who supported a mob to overthrow the elected Government WHY because they wanted Ukraine in the EU, NATO wanted a foothold in Ukraine and the USA wanted the Black Sea Ports
They say the West should supply arms to Ukraine kill even more Russian Speaking people BUT where are they getting their weaponry from NOW?
 Peter Hitches explains it better then I can

Brussels distributed more than £300 million of taxpayers’ money in Ukraine between 2007 and 2013. It went to all kinds of lucky recipients, so it is no great surprise that Kiev blossomed with EU flags last winter during the violent mob putsch, which so many idiots in the West supported.
They were generally the same idiots who supported the ‘Arab Spring’, and so helped plunge Libya and Syria into a sea of blood and fire, and to launch ‘Islamic State’. Now these idiots are well on the way to starting the biggest European war since 1945, and are busy blaming Russia for having the effrontery to defend itself against this blatant aggression.

Having left School at 15 in 1965 I had very little Sex Education and I only knew one girl who was pregnant and she married the Father and is still married. To say sex before marriage did not go on was ridiculous but you kept it to yourself. In most cases it would take a long courtship before you actually got into bed together and the only time you slept with your girlfriend in your parents house was when you were married, something myself and my wife have maintained in our house.  Yes there was the odd girl who would give away her services at the drop of a hat and they were considered slappers, now it is quite common for people to indulge in sex on the first meeting and then they wonder why there is a massive increase in unwanted teenage pregnancies and VD. So Nick Clegg has not got an idea

Nick Clegg is the only one confused about sex3
Confused about sex: Nick Clegg
We've had sex education in this country since the 1950s, expanding rapidly from coy biological diagrams to funky cartoon depictions of the sex act, and the stretching of condoms over countless bananas by giggling  teens.
The only thing that can’t be advocated in  these sessions is heterosexual marriage.
Hilariously, the original idea was that this would reduce teen pregnancy and sexual diseases. 
But these diseases have gone up steadily ever since  sex-ed was introduced, though massacre-scale abortions and taxpayer-funded morning-after pills for all have finally begun to get pregnancies down.
Now Nick Clegg wants more sex education.

Did this women get the Job because she was a Women? 

BBC announces first female chairman - just three months after David Cameron said he was 'determined' to appoint a woman to the £110,000-a-year role

·       City executive Rona Fairhead will be Corporation's first female chairman
·       David Cameron said he was 'determined' to appoint woman to the role
·       The 53-year-old is the Government's 'preferred candidate' to take job
·       Lord Coe was the previous frontrunner to succeed Lord Patten

  Now the BBC and the Gay Mafia are promoting Sex between Humans and Reptiles one wonders where it will stop

Homophobia row as BBC cuts Doctor Who lesbian kiss scene with lizard woman to avoid offending Asian audience 

·       Kiss features lizard character Madame Vastra (played by Neve McIntosh) and her wife, Jenny (played by Catrin Stewart)
·       10 million British viewers watched scene since it was aired last Saturday
·       But TV chiefs insisted on removing kiss when episode was broadcast in Asia
·       Decision to cut first lesbian encounter in show's 51-year history has angered gay right campaigners who have accused the BBC of homophobia

If someone feels they should be a women and are in a mans body you must have sympathy for them. Yet HimShe must have known that from a very early age SO why get married have children? No matter what the article says the children will be affected psychological and they are the ones I feel for

So who is the daddy? They're the very picture of middle-class respectability. But take a closer look at this happy family... can YOU spot the male lawyer who's turning into a woman?

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 More on the Climate Change Con. this nothing but a way to gather Taxes

Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now

·       Seven years after former US Vice-President Al Gore's warning, Arctic ice cap has expanded for second year in row
·       An area twice the size of Alaska - America's biggest state - was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice
·       These satellite images taken fr

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