Sunday, August 24, 2014

We need MP's of the People

The Country needs Older experienced MP's who should be chosen by their ability not their sex, race or sexual preference. 30 years or more ago a normal Labour MP would be someone who had worked most of his life and was most probably a Union Man who would come into Politics at about 50. He/She would come with a lot of experience of life and working class knowledge, for the Conservatives it would be businessman who had a lot of understanding of how to run a business. These two opposites complimented each other to produce a Parliament who understood the country how it worked and what its people wanted and needed. Now it is the professional Politician who has no experience of Life of the ordinary person. More is put into what quota and whether they are good looking to go on TV. TV commentators are the same they think life revolves around the Studio and the Westminster Village, they have little or no concept of the ordinary person on the street. You listen to them talk when they have one of these new young inexperience politicians on, you can guarantee someone will say "When I was at University" then comes a lot of reminiscing between all of them. The reason why I voted for Gordon Henderson was one I knew personally but more importantly I knew that he been a SBC Councillor, KCC Councillor, he had been a manager of many Stores, he had his own restaurant and he was a local man who became an MP in his 50's. This was someone who knew about life and he was not Central Office preference, it was local people who selected him. Now it so happens Gordon is a Conservative but the same would apply if he was Labour party member all parties need men and women like him. 

Maybe the time is for all the people in the Constituency to have their say on the representatives from various parties irrelevant of party affiliation rather then the Political hierarchy selected people or as they like to call it Parachuting a candidate in. The Country is run by an elite and can no longer be called a Democratic institution in the true sense, the fact that the LibDems are in power with a small percentage of the vote prove my point

I'm a feminist who ardently wants more women in the Commons. But I'm appalled at how my Labour MP husband Austin Mitchell has been... monstered by the sisterhood, says LINDA MCDOUGALL 
·       Labour MP for Grimsby explored possibility of end of all-women shortlists
·       Came as Melanie Onn named as town's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
·       Several Labour MPs criticised Mr Mitchell as 'misogynistic' and 'chauvinistic' 
·       Wife Linda is 'deeply disappointed' at action of senior women Labour MPs 

David Davies should have been Prime Minister when I was a member of the Conservative Party I voted for him. He at least knew about the ordinary man unlike Millionaires Cameron, Milliband and Clegg.

Asbos for terrorists? No, let's tell them never to come back


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