Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transsexuals-The Village

I do not have sympathy for those sexual deviants, sexual perverts and those with abnormal sexual preferences BUT I have a lot of sympathies with people who are Transsexuals such as the boxing promoter. To feel you are of the wrong sex must be horrific or as they say in the wrong body and our compassion must go out to theses people. Yet what I cannot understand is why the Boxing promoter waited till he was 60 to have the operation and tell his family. His news must have devastated his wife, children and grand children. I would have been mortified if my father had done this and it will scar his family for life. My question is if he always knew he was a woman why did he go through the charade of marriage? Surely for the sake of his family he would have been better to keep his secret, as sometimes we have to put the interest of our family before our own self-interest.

Glad to see the second series of the Village is back and of course the writers had to include a GAY KISS. This was with the local landed gentry who wants become a Government Minister, we now note that he is a homosexual and I expect the whole programme will rotate around him. Yet I expect there is an element of truth in how the gentry behaved in those days, many books have been written about the debauched behaviour of the upper class in those days, One wonders in years to come how will History view our politicians and celebrities debauched behaviour of today and the promotion of abnormal sexual preference as normal. Will it be seen as enlightened age of sexual freedom or a time of the breakdown of the Moral code of this country ?

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