Sunday, August 10, 2014


Please read this article is about GENOCIDE A whole Village of several thousand people are to be executed by Midday if they do not convert to Islam. This ISIS is murdering Christenings, Muslims and members of other religions. They are pure EVIL and we in the West needs to get involved, UK and USA were quick to get involved in Iraq and Syria when it was about oil and political power NOE it is about saving 10 of thousands of innocent lives

MAURICE GLASMAN: This is a battle for civilisation... the UK cannot remain neutral

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Here are couple of quotes

These people are reaping the whirlwind sown when the west invaded Iraq in 2003. I think they were safer under Sadam. Now we have tub thumping against President Putin in a similar manner as was the case in 1914. We may need to save some of our sympathy for ourselves as the EU and the US having helped foment and fund regime change in the Ukraine, the traditional "bread basket" of Russia.

Saudi Arabia, where is your outrage? Iran? Qatar? Dubai? Kuwait? Tunisia? Yemen? Egypt? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Where is your outrage? Why has the world heard nothing but silence from you; you who are Iraq and Syria's neighbors?

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