Friday, August 22, 2014

Multi Culturism

I was listening to LBC yesterday and they had a Female UKIP spokesperson and she made a very interesting comment, which was shouted down by the Conservative and Labour spokesman it was:

Labour under Tony Blair encouraged Multi Culturist in this Country, so when people arrive from other countries they were allowed to bring their culture and way of life to this country; in fact they actively encouraged to do this. If anyone suggested that they should adapt to British way of life they were considered racist. So we now have whole communities, which cannot speak our language, are attempting to bring in Shia Law, Mosques being built all over the country, women being forced into a form of slavery by being made to wear cloths covering the whole of their body, Muslim gangs abusing White women and being protected, female mutilation, Mosques actively calling for the death of British soldiers and Gays, stalking Non Muslim women for drinking and dressing provocatively.  She went on to say that is part of the reason why we have so many Muslims fighting for Terrorists as GB has allowed them to be radicalised. So Tony Blair and his Government not only stared an illegal war in Iraq which has led to the problems we have now plus he is partly to blame for the radicalisation of British Muslims, rephrase that Muslims living in Britain’

It is about time that all immigrants were forced to speak English and all government literature to be in English only, if someone needs an interpreter they should pay for it, immigrants should not allowed to bring their relatives into GB and should not receive any financial support for them. Those who become British Subjects should only be allowed to bring in their wife and children and they should all speak English and pass a citizens test

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