Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ukraine and Muslim Terrorist

Russia has waited weeks to bring their Lorries with Humanitarian aid into Eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government refused permission because they want to starve this part of Ukraine into submission, so the Russian eventually say enough is enough and go ahead. Is the UN, EU, USA and our Government thankfully for this intervention NO because they want the Ukrainian Government to win in what will become a genocide of the Russian speaking people in Eastern Ukraine.
The answer to the problem in Eastern Ukraine is for a UN backed Referendum. If the people want to stay as part of Ukraine then the separatists have no mandate. Here is what should be on the voting slip

1)   Do you want to remain in the Ukraine
2)   Do you want a separate State
3)   Do you want Ukraine to become a Federal state of Regions

The threat of the Militant Muslims taking terrorism throughout the World is our main concern. A War that cannot be won with just the USA and UK, the west needs to work with Russia, China, Assad of Syria and Iran to rid us of this threat not just with Military Conflict but with Financial sanctions against those countries who support them. These Militants must be wiped of the face of the Earth if we are to survive. Read the apoplectic article below if we do not work together

The coming apocalypse: Last week, historian DOMINIC SANDBROOK wrote a damning critique of the West's failure to halt Islamic fanatics. Now, after a savage murder that confirmed his worst fears, he looks into the future

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