Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glastonbury and Sex Education for 7 year olds

Have started my weeks caravan holiday in the Old Oak Caravan Park near Glastonbury Somerset, most probably the best site I have used. Adult only very clean very quite but the journey down here was murder, rain, traffic jams, accidents, road works only needed pestilence and famine to make it a real biblical journey. six and half hours to do a 4 hour journey

Today we went to the town of Wells a beautiful town and Val learned to juggle here, then on to Weston-Super-Mare this was a rather tacky place. Although I do feel sorry for all the cafes, coffee shops and restaurants   that were empty because of the bad weather.

SEX Education for & year olds

The LibDems want Sex education to start at the age of 7. Now I have nothing against telling a child about what they should watch out for i.e. No one should touch your private bits not even a family member, no one should tell you to keep a secret when touching your private parts etc. What worries me is that it will be an excuse to teach relationship issues, which can go against what the parents believe. Now why I say this is because just a month ago the new leader of Stonewall the Gay Militant Organisation what to teach Gay and Bisexual relationships as normal to 4 year olds?
This subject has led to some interesting debates on the Radio. I recently listened LBC and James O'Brian, have to say this a very strange man. First off he suggested that any parent who withdrew their child from sex education, you have the right to do this up to the age of 15, should be reported to Social Services. The presumption is the parents have something to hide and maybe be KIDDIE FIDDLERS ? What a thing to say. Now a lot of paedophilia is done within family circles but also quite a few presenters, celebrities, Religious clerics, schoolteachers, councillors etc have also been involved in this  in this type of disgusting behaviour. But NO Mr O' Brian lays all the problems at the Family and Religion. He continually insulted people with religious belief because maybe they did not want certain types of sexuality taught? 
For example a women telephone and said the following " I was walking the dog and my next door neighbours 7 years old asked was it a man or lady dog I explained what the difference was. I told  the mother what I had said, but they were Catholics" O'Brian seemed to acknowledge this ridiculous women opinions. Does he honestly think because some one is Catholic they do not explain the anatomy of an animal or human come to that? The man is a bigot.
Now if I was a parent of a youngster I would ask to see the syllabus so I can make up my own mind but why should we allow bureaucrats with most probably little or no knowledge of us be involved in our child's upbringing? As for so called experts they are  continually making mistakes. We are told we need more sex education because we have the highest amount of Teenage pregnancies in the Western World yet when I left School in the 1960's I only knew one girl who was pregnant and she married at 16 and is still married. Yet we were only taught the basics and a relationship was between Hetro sexual Married Couples now we treat sex like buying sweets with no responsibility of the out come, more under age pregnancies,  more single parents, more sexual transmitted disease, any relationships no matter how abnormal there are classified as acceptable.

So I pse the question who got it right those in the 1950'/60's or those in 2014?

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