Thursday, August 07, 2014

Warsi and Gaza

Baroness Warsi has resigned over the Israel attacks on Gaza, here is a woman who was part of the Government yet she was never elected by anyone; her sole attribute was that she is a Muslim. In her resignation she condemned the Government for not stopping the Israeli attacks. Interesting she said nothing about the Terrorist organisation Hamas sending Rockets to Israel and using their people as Human Shields but then she is a Muslim.

LibDems Cable and Clegg want to have an arms embargo on Israel, they do not say anything about Hamas and where do they get their rockets?

All three have not mentioned the deaths of thousands of Christians in Northern Iraq who are being slaughtered the ISAS terrorist’s organisation or even the fact that this organisation is killing fellow Muslims.

Hamas want the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people throughout the World and these three people are supporting them. This is not just about the people of Gaza but it is more about the hatred of Jews, there was a guy in Germany in the 1930’s who thought the same.

So BBC and Sky are to run adverts for humanitarian aid for Gaza, I ask the question how do we know this aid is not going to buy more rockets for Hamas? It has happened in the past

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