Friday, August 15, 2014


Chessington Adventure Park

I took Susan’s children Poppy and George along with Val to this adventure park. It was very impressive and clean an ideal place for the Kids but not for me. Poppy loves all the rides but sometimes queuing for an hour is a bit much, the walking was stressful for me and I have definitely made up my mind to have the other Knee replaced at the rate I am going there will not be much of the original Martin left. I had booked a long weekend in December to visit the German Christmas Market in Dortmund but had to cancel this because of the knee.

The prices at this place was horrendous 2 night stay for the 5 of us was nearly £800, dinner for 5 £80, 3 drinks £17.50p and I was told a day pass is £45. Yet it was packed with people and this was a Tuesday and Wednesday, interestingly enough half of the people present was Asian or Black. Maybe it is this section of society that has the money. The one thing I can not understand is those Muslin women who cover themselves head to toe in Black Cloth I always get the name wrong is the Hijab or the Kebab? Their husbands and children dress in typical fashionable Western clothes but because of some 5th Century tribal law of female suppression they are content to do this even though it is nothing to do with their faith Very Strange.  Apart from the prices the Kids thoroughly enjoyed the the two days and that what really mattered

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