Sunday, June 26, 2016

Broadstairs Clarke

Back in my Caravan again this weekend had Grand children Poppy and George staying Friday. They love it down here have a lot of freedom plus a swimming pool.
 I was offered a Static Caravan on the Park for £6,000 with 11 years left on the Lease it was in the perfect position I thought ideal sell the Caravan and we would have bigger area for us and the kids. Nothing on these Parks is straightforward.
So I thought do everything right and said to the Staff who deals with sales that I had been offered this Caravan at the price they offered the guy last year. They were far from happy about a private and said they would take a 20% cut from the owner, then charge me 15% commission on the £6000 plus VAT. On top of this the annual site rent would an extra £500 a year because it was a private purchase so next years rent would be approx. £4000 but they also said they had the right to move the Caravan to another pitch when ever they like and if I bought this Caravan they move it into a central area, which has a 6 inch lake leading to when it rains hard. I did ask after towards if one of them was name Capone they said why?
So I will continual to do a seasonal Pitch at SeaView SwaleCliffe with my existing Caravan and one thing is for sure I shall never buy a property on this Park or any other.
They do have an excellent Club House on the Park and on Saturday they had a great singer Elliott Frisby who sang from the 1960’s through today plus he sang a couple of songs from West End Shows. The club on Saturday clientele was like going back to a 1970’s working mans club mainly White working class it was like a Time slip. I have joined the Cocoon Swimming Club this is what we oldies call ourselves who swim from 8am till 9am

On Sunday we travelled to Broadstairs and took a snack in the Fish & Beer Restaurant. I say snack Val had a Lobster/Crab salad and I had Cajun Prawns and Mussels with wine garlic parsley sauce they were brilliant BUT I should not have eat all the sauce with a spoon as it was a dash to the loo 20 minutes later. Certainly lesson learned if you get the chance give it a visit (That is the restaurant not the Loo) it got some unusual beers as well. £25 for the 3 meals and 2 diet cokes I though was quite reasonable

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