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Let's not whitewash Muhammad Ali's legacy - UpFront

Interesting Film Clip but below is an alternative view have to agree with the Film that all the Politicians are jumping on the band wagon. I liked Ali as a Boxer and Chat Show guest he was always entertaining but as you can see below he had a dark side to his character

Bohdi SandersFollow
6 June at 21:14 ·
The Greatest? Not by my standards!!
I have been shocked in the last few days about the lavish praise heaped on Muhammad Ali. It seems that today's society is more interested in white washing history than in seeing things as they actually were. I don't buy into the idea of changing history for the sake of political correctness.
It seems that A LOT of people need to do a little more research before they lavish so much praise on someone who was a radical racist, was anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, and who supported a terrorist organization. Ali also dodged the draft and claimed to have more against white people than he did against the enemies of our country who killed almost 60,000 of our brave military men and women who were not cowardly draft dodgers.
He actually said that he agreed that, "All white man are the Devil." He also praised and aided the Black Panther terrorist organization. And yet, he has been praised over and over again in the last few days. Let's look at more of his comments:
"All Jews and Gentiles are devils."
"Everything that black people do wrong comes from white people - drinking, smoking, lying, prostitution, gambling, homosexuality."
"I ain't seen no good ones (white people) yet...not even one."
I for one will NEVER praise Muhammad Ali. Why? The answer is simple and straightforward...because I a, not in the habit of praising obnoxious, rude, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, radical Muslim, racist, draft dodgers. Period!
Also, Ali was not the greatest boxer of all time, as I have seen posted all over Facebook lately. The greatest boxer of all time didn't die recently; he died 47 years ago. His name was Rocky Marciano. He didn't have 5 losses, he had 0. He didn't have 37 (37%) knock outs he had 43 (88%). Marciano didn't dodge the draft. He wasn't a race-baiter, nor was he an obnoxious, disrespectful braggart. His record was 49-0, undefeated! In my book, beating every single person who steps into the right with you is greater than losing 5 fights.
Before you start defending Muhammad Ali for his words and actions, or because he fought more fights than Rocky, think about how anyone who has made the statements that Ali made, would be seen today. Can you say DOUBLE STANDARDS?
You can't have separate standards for separate people! If people of one race cannot make racist comments without any consequences, then the people of another race should be be able to make racist comments without any consequences. Either racism is bad and should not be tolerated or it's not bad and no one should have any consequences for making racist statements. You can't have it both ways.
The "greatest?" Not in my book! But I guess I have different standards than most people. In my book, nobody who has made the statements that Ali made should praised throughout our country as "the greatest" anything. But, as with so many other things in our country, history is being deleted and whitewashed faster than it is being made. Bohdi Sanders

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