Monday, June 13, 2016

Migration Watch

The EU referendum has caused a lot of acrimonious debate; I make no apology for voting Leave. The Vote In seems to be dominated by The Rich, the establishment, Multi Nationals, Intelligentsia and Luvvies, most having some attachment to the EU. Yet there is a group outside that Cabal mainly Middle Class Professionals who rely on the EU for their Jobs, these people cannot be blamed for looking after their self-interest but this Referendum is more then the individual its is about the Country as a whole.
Should we be imposing on future generations a Government System that they cannot rid themselves off?  The EU is moving to a Federal Europe a United States of Europe with Democratic power being taken away from the Countries. One wonder’s how long will it be it before they bring in a law to prevent a country leaving the EU?
With Migration Watch, a totally independent body who not supporting either factions of the Referendum, have said if we do not control immigration we will be getting a ¼ of a Million people every year entering the country over a 20 year period that is 5 million people and 60% would be from the EU. The country does not have the Schools, Hospitals, Houses, and Local Doctors etc. to cope with that amount. The Migration Watch forecast have been pretty accurate over the years far better then Government and Economist, below is a list from their web site. One thing they say will not work in the UK is the Australian points system they think a work permit system used would be far more efficient

1.     The current scale of migration to the UK, 330,000 a year, of which roughly half is from the EU, is completely unsustainable.
2.     As a result of this mass immigration our population is projected to rise by half a million every year – the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool – for as long as immigration is permitted on the present scale.
3.     England is already twice as crowded as Germany and 3.5 times as crowded as France.
4.     The additional population growth makes congestion worse and adds to the pressures on public services. This comes at a time when public spending is being reduced.
5.     One in four children born in England and Wales is to a foreign born mother. The rise in the number of births has put pressure on NHS maternity services.
6.     It has also led to a shortage of school places. 60% of local authorities will have a shortage of primary school places by 2018.
7.     The UK has a serious housing crisis. Mass immigration is the main reason for the additional demand. If it continues at current levels, we will need to build 135,000 new homes a year just to house new migrants and their families. This is 370 per day or one home every four minutes.
8.     Population growth on this scale renders integration of newcomers virtually impossible.
9.     Three quarters of the public want to see immigration reduced and half of them want it cut by a lot.
10.  To stop the rapid rise in the UK’s population size, net migration would have to be reduced to well below 100,000 a year. It is currently at over 300,000.

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