Friday, June 03, 2016

What do points make Exits

Brexit have come up with an excellent idea of how to curb Immigration when we leave the EU. It is points based system similar to the Australian system. It has such things as 1) You have to speak and write English 2) you have to have a job to go  3) you have funds to support yourself 4) You have the relevant qualifications in my opinion quite basic things . Yet the Stay straight away say it will not work. It will be to bureaucratic etc. Yet their system has an open door policy with none of the above enforced. Lets be quite honest the Stay In group do not care how many come into the country it will not affect them as they are the Rich and Famous but it will affect the ordinary man in the street

With regard to the Albanians who landed in one of my favourite places Dymchurch it seems of all the Albanians caught over the last year 70% are still at large working in the Black Economy i.e. working as cheap labour illegally. Can I make a suggestion how we can stop this? Landlords now have to prove that their Tenants are in the country legally if not the have committed a criminal offence. So why not apply the same plan to employers and if they are caught using Illegal Immigrants they should be fined heavily if they continue to commit the offence they should imprisoned or their business closed down.

The time has come for us all to carry ID Cards and allow Police to check us. I have to admit I have been against this in the past but we have 300.000 immigrants coming into the country and I expect there is lot more we do not know about, so we may have to give up some of our freedoms to protect ourselves from possible Terrorists.

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