Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More on Bullying at Westlands

Up date on Bullying at Westlands I have sent details off Bullying and Facebook response to Headmaster Westlands School,Chairman of the Governors, Swale Academies Trust Mr John Fassenfelt as your yet I have had no replies.
Yet it is interesting to note that Westlands have now been putting various messages over the Tannoy System about Bullying. So maybe my message may be getting through to the School.

The Bullying post has brought in a lot replies but also how bullying is affecting Staff Moral it seems some teachers are being bullied by older pupils and by senior staff members. I questioned the few who told me of this, it seem that some students threaten staff with false allegations and when reported they are ignored Not sure if this bullying but it unpleasant. but not as bad as some of the Bullying cases listed on Gossip Board

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