Friday, June 10, 2016

Is MP Sarah Wollaston a traitor

I am not one for conspiracy theories BUT the defection of Tory MP Sarah Wollaston from Brexit too Remain does look suspicious, her argument is that Brexit got it wrong on the NHS (Richard Littlejohn article rubbish that) Yet as a supposable intelligent person you would have thought deciding your position on the EU is much then one issue? So her leaving coincides with John Major Tony Blair visit to Ulster and the debate on ITV on the EU which  turns into 3 women attacking Boris. So was she got at by the Stay brigade and offered a position in the Government at later stage or was she planted in the Brexit group like a mole to try and make people think Staying is the way ahead? One thing is for sure she did not make her mind up by herself lets hope her local Conservative Party deselect her

Nurse! Call a jumbulance for crippled Britain! RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says we're powerless to control the pressures of immigration on the NHS while in the EU 

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