Friday, June 03, 2016

This man is unhinged

Please read this message put on my Facebook and tell me he his not unhinged 

Sean MacFadyen Martin, perhaps your are misinformed surely you are not defending the stealing of lands, the ongoing indescrimenant murder of innocent children, apartheid, naziism & criminality of the pedophile zionists. The so called "jew" above is a "white" jew, probably a khazar or ashkenNAZi jew. He certainly does not represent all jews, especially the many good ones. The jews that lived in Palestine peacefully & in harmony with muslims & christians, alawites, druze ect. prior to your German Sax Gotha Cobourg's invasion were not white but more middle eastern looking. These indigenous jews are not in power, the nazis are & have been clearing the palestinians off & bringing in foreign "white" jews. Perhaps you could give some of your german country's money to israel if you so choose. The rest of the informed world deeply resents it. How can Nicholaos be anti semitic when he is defending them? Perhaps you are not aware of the meaning of semite? Maybe you are watching too many hollywood(from hollyrood), jewish movies or print. Hollywood is also ashkenNazi - check the hollywood classic The Ten Commandments & you will see Moses in NAZI colours when he parts the red sea. The movie was made by "jews". No Martin the demon above is Not a jew, please stop offending jews & consider taking care of your own country before there are no more english left in your german ruled land, foreign inhabited country. Divide & Conquer is working.

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