Saturday, June 04, 2016

Caravan rain coffee TOP

Having a Caravan parked on a seasonal sight is a thing of great joy Well that is until it blows a gale. Our idea was to take the Kids down on Wednesday and stay till Monday but as you know the weather was terrible BUT the Kids wanted a trip to the Caravan so off we went. On arriving we found the awning had collapsed because of wind and rain plus everything was wet, to say that it put the wife in a bad mood was an understatement. I wanted to retreat NO WAY "she who was to be obeyed" allocated me certain jobs.
Martin with the Governor

So for the rest of the week we stayed at home, flaming June became colder then December I am sure if we were not in the EU we would have better weather. Oops sorry that was meant to be a joke I do not want to be accused of scare mongering I leave that up to the Europhiles. Any way I had time to do other things, yes I even walked up the town to do my banking I could not get Val doing it the bag was to heavy. (Another joke) The reason Val normally does it is because I far to busy, Val calls it being lazy how unkind

On my return from the bank I stopped in a nice little privately own Coffee shop called Baileys. This was completely different to the Sterile Costa and Starbucks plus the coffee was better   It was nice and  friendly with a recently built upper floor and where would you get a double Espresso for £2. So when you are down the Town ignore the Multi Nationals and support a local Coffee shop you will be surprised by their prices and quality, tell them Martin sent you
Poppy with Nanny and Grandad 

The both of us decided to visit our favourite restaurant The Taste of Portugal at Halfway soon as we mentioned this to our granddaughter Poppy insisted on coming for an 11 year she does not mind trying different foods which is unusual. On arrival we were disappointed to be told they will be closing at the end of July. This is a great tragedy, as we loved the food and friendly atmosphere. Our first meeting with Kim and Carlos was when they used to have a small experimental restaurant  at the Old Oak (that has now been turned into flats like the Ship) they then moved into the Shepherd and Scream Pub near the station, this I think it was at its best. It was closed to home you could pop in for a coffee or a beer and had the atmosphere of a continental CafĂ©. Difficulties with the landlord forced them to move to Halfway and this was a pure restaurant facility, the food remained excellent but it was not the same. I would like to thank Kim and Carlos for some marvellous food and marvellous times, hopefully once they have had a break they will return to Sittingbourne

Carlos Kim

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