Monday, June 06, 2016

Was Nigel Farage Wrong?

So Nigel Farage has come under attack stating that he has reached an all time low here is what he said
“Women could be at risk of mass sex attacks carried out by gangs of migrant men if Britain stays in the EU, Nigel Farage has warned.
The UK Independence Party leader said he fears “big cultural issues” will result from the failure to control migration from Europe and North Africa, putting the safety of women in danger.”
Of course the establishment of all Political divide hate him for saying something what most people in Pubs, Café, Clubs are saying.
He is talking the truth because we look at Germany where there has been massive sex attacks on women  and here is what their prosecutor said “Chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer stated that "the overwhelming majority" of suspects were asylum seekers and illegal immigrants who had recently arrived in Germany” The establishment say that cannot happen in the UK. Yes it can if we stay in the EU because those immigrants will eventually get an EU passport and would be able to travel to the UK. Most of the immigrants come from countries which practice a form of Islam called Wahhabism they treat women as second class citizen just above a Dog that not me saying that it is moderate Muslims talking on the radio. We have ghettos in Belgium where women are spat at and called prostitues if they do not wear a head scarf plus there areas in this country where this happens
So was Nigel Farage wrong to tell it as it is NO
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