Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Is the referendum rigged

I have to admit this Euro Referendum is depressing me why? Well it has proved something I have been thinking about for some time “IS THE UK A DEMOCRACY?”  To me our Democracy is a system of Government where the people elect a representative to represent them and their views in Parliament  but this Referendum is proving to be something completely different. The IN brigade and that means most MP’s have shown that they are representing the interest of people, celebrities and organisations with money and power. See two articles below highlighting the fact hat no matter what the ordinary person in the UK want our Political Elite will ignore it. The people in this country are on the verge of losing their Democratic Rights no matter which way you vote. To me the EU is a Plutocracy (plu·toc·ra·cy

n. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies
1. Government by the wealthy.
2. A wealthy class that controls a government.
3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

I want to leave the EU but feel the Fear Campaign made by
the treacherous Cameron and Osborne and now the votes scandal, where EU citizens who are unable to vote have been sent voting cards makes me fear that the whole Referendum is rigged.

Brexit won't happen even if we vote to leave the EU in referendum, says David Cameron's father-in-law 
·       Lord William Astor is Samantha Cameron's stepfather
·       Condemned the EU as 'unaccountable' but said we should stay in
·       Predicted that MPs would block Brexit even if we vote to leave on June 23
·       See more of the latest Brexit news at

Pro-Remain MPs could trigger 'constitutional crisis' by using Commons majority to keep Britain in the EU after Brexit vote

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