Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Do schools really want to stop bullying

Do schools really want to stop bullying

Martin hope you are well.

I just thought I would write a short note in respect of the situation with bullying a westlands school.

As some of you are aware I have a company called Class Uk, which is a service that propvides training to organisations in respect of self defence, control and restraint, personal safety awareness as well as more corporate areas such as Conflict Management etc.

In December of 2016, we wrote to all the schools in the Swale area to offer our services to come into the schools and help educate the student and even teachers on awareness of areas such as personal safety and bullying.

Now bear in mind that this was at a time when every week there was some media report of students being followed home after school, attacked at knife point on the school bus etc etc.

I was surprised when I received no response from any school in respect of the matter

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