Monday, June 20, 2016


The bullying at Westland’s as portrayed on Facebook has opened up a can of worms with many examples of bullying. I will be making a formal complaint to the Chairman of the Governors once I found out whom it is, if they accept it. I tried to contact the school with reference to my Grandsons bullying but was told they could not speak to me as I was not the parents, lets hope the Governors do not make the same excuse.
Youngsters have told me that there is a Gang Culture in the Town if anyone has information on the validity of this can they let us know and I will bring it up with the Chief Constable.
I did have on detrimental comment made to me this individual said the following “ You are 6ft 2inch 24 stone Judo Sambo expert what do you know about bullying?”  Well as it happens I do when I was 12 years old I was a 1st year at Westland’s this was in 1962, I was regular bullied by two 4th years. In those days bullying was not even acknowledged and this bullying led me to having a near nervous breakdown. My mother took me to our local Doctor Hardy (some of you may remember him) he did not give me tablets or sick notes, he just said hit them back. Well the following day at School these bully’s confronted me in the old toilet block and I done as he said and hit the biggest one knocking him into the Urinal tray the other one ran away I was never bullied again. If a Doctor said that today the School would accuse him “Of Inciting Violence”. I am not suggesting that you meet violence with violence all though in self-defence context it will be justified. The important thing is stand up to bully’s and the way to do that is to report the bullying to the School or the Police and the way to stop bullying is for the School and Police to follow it rather then ignore 

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