Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Next PM

Since the referendum success I have decide to rejoin the Conservative Party as I wish to vote for a New Leader. One thing is for sure we must vote in a leader who was not for remain. The Remain Candidate is Teresa May her election as Leader would be a disaster as allowing her to negotiate with the EU would not allow us to Leave and she would come back with compromise and the strong possibility of another referendum on the the negotiations. She will conveniently forget that the Majority of us wanting leave voted exactly that LEAVE not renegotiate plus I think she will drag out negotiations 
So we want a leave leader and the obvious answer is Boris but I do not trust him to bring back a Leave deal I think he will bring a Negotiated deal as well and expect us to have another referendum. So my choices would be 1) Rees-Mog but he will not get the peoples t vote because he sounds to posh 2) David Davies but some say he has had his day 3) Liam Fox 
as regard to another General Election NO all this will do is return a majority on Remain MP's who will have the excuse that they have a mandate to ignore the referendum. A general Election should come after we have come out of the EU
If the Conservative Party vote in a Remain PM the I shall leave the Party

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