Saturday, June 25, 2016

Remain still moaning

So Us Brexit won a great Victory a Victory I never expected. Yet the Remain crowd are still trying to use fear tactics. This referendum was more then just about the EU it was putting two fingers up to the Rich, Multi Nationals, Academic Elite, Political Elite and celebrities these were the people who had the arrogance to think us ordinary people were not capable of a decision. Well for the first time we the ordinary Joe Public have had a our say. Yet what is there response we did not know what we are doing so they are demanding another referendum because there was not a 20% majority to leave, now would they have complained if the Stay had won? NO. Just ask yourself if they have their way and there is another referendum and there was not another 20% majority would there have to be another referendum?
Now because the majority of MP’s were for Remain they now intend to try and over turn the Peoples decision if that happens we need to have a revolution to kick Parliament out.

So Scotland want another referendum to leave I hope they do and I hope they will leave as they are drain on the rest of the UK and I fed up with their winging, What I can not understand they want join the EU and the Euro which is collapsing and remember they will be accepted immediately. First they would have to negotiate their leave from the UK once this is done all financial help from the UK will stop and then they will have to negotiate with the EU to join which could take several years. HOW WILL THE SCOTTISH ECONOMY SURVIVE with out aid from the UK or EU.

Here is another ridiculous idea the IRA sorry Sinn Fein want a referendum of the whole of Ireland to leave the UK and remain in EU. If that is not a recipe for disaster can you imagine if Ulster was forced into a United Ireland what the Protestants would do? Yes a Civil War all because that ex IRA terrorists group wants a United Ireland

Finally the most bizarre thing is that London is to leave the UK because they want to form a separate country like Vatican City. You can imagine the name of the new Country “LONDONSTAN


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