Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jumping on the band wagon over death of 49 people

The recent tragedy in USA where 49 people were murdered in a Night Club is obviously shocking BUT because it was a Gay Club the media and politicians are making a great deal on that fact. There are vigils being held, all sorts of politicians are jumping on the Bandwagon, some government officials want Gay Flags on all Embassies throughout the world to show solidarity. CAN I ask the question when Isis gunmen killed 30 Brits in Tunisia was there any vigils or when ISIS murders Thousands of Christians was there any vigils. Why do they these people with abnormal sexual preference get so much coverage? Surely the fact was that 49 innocent people were murdered not what was there sexual preference
Now we are told it was an act against something called the LBGT society and was a Hate crime by a mental case. All mass killings are a hate crime by someone who is not mentally stable. Throwing Homosexuals of roofs, which ISIS does on a regular basis, are not done by people who are mentally stable.
It now seems this Murderer a Omar Mateen, was an American who declared allegiance to the Islamic State and was the son of an immigrant from Afghanistan. The Gay Community are suggesting that this was a hate crime apart from fact he told Police he was inspired by ISIS but the strange part of this incident was that he was Homosexual. So it looks more like a Lone Terrorist attack rather then an attack on his Gay Friends
As I said many have jumped on the bandwagon to get publicity Corbyn for one, on Radio 4 this morning on Thought for the Day a Female Rabbi from a liberal Jewish sect gave us a lecture on how marvellous being Gay was, she went on say that 35 MP’s were Gay and a British Ambassador was Gay and had a Husband as though that was some sort badge of Honour but more importantly what has the sexuality of an MP got to do with them doing their Job and what has it got to do with the death of 49 innocent people. She did not finish their she went on to explain about the sexual deviance of her daughter who was a Bi Sexual who states that she is no longer Male or Female she is Gender Non Binary and should be addressed They or Them not Him or She. If you are born with a Penis you’re a Man, if you are born with a Vagina you are a Women one wonders when will we stop giving Sexual deviants a name to legitimise their perverse behaviour

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