Monday, September 03, 2012

Suicide & Squatting

Never realised how busy Devon can be I refer to traffic no matter where you go there will always be a queue of traffic but worth it to see countryside rather then Motorways. The afghan war seems some what distance until you meet someone who is affected by it. This was the case when speaking to someone in the caravan next to me; I asked if they had grandchildren which they replied yes. This led to a dialog on marriage etc, they mention that their youngest daughter was by herself. I then said why was that they replied “her partner committed suicide” he turns out that he was a Royal Marine and was serving in the SBS had been to Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan after coming out he could not cope with Civilian life and the bad dreams. It seems we all forget the after effects for a ex soldier, maybe more time should be spent with people from the armed forces when leaving.
So at long last Cameron has lived up to one of his promises: making squatting a criminal offence about time to, these sponging unwashed need locking up and paying for the damage

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