Friday, September 21, 2012

Strawberry pickers and scroungers

Those that follow the Archers will know that the Polish Strawberry pickers have finished and on their way home. When I was a lad Strawberries lasted 3 to 4 weeks and lots of house wives earn't money picking them, remember the strawberry picking in the "Darling Buds of May". Now it lasts 3 months great if you like strawberries. So the pickers return home a great deal of money compared with what they earn in Poland and because they are here only a short period of time pay no tax or national insurance money. So every one is a winner the Poles have sent most of their money home so they can buy houses and luxuries etc, the Farmer has a cheap labour force and none of a regular employers responsibilities as he get them through an agency. Yet there are plenty of losers those British workers who would have welcomed a few months works, the house wife who unable to work full time would welcome some fruit picking like they used 30 years ago, the Tax man who loses the tax revenue which puts an added burden on the British Tax Payer, the National Health service who have to look after these pickers if they need medical attention.
Now I understand that with the extended picking season it highly unlikely that a farmer could get 100% British workforce but surely it is only just that these pickers should pay Tax? If not on income there could be a levy on them entering the country to work for short time say £1000 a season collected over the picking season by the Agency. Do they pay Council Tax I know most live in caravans but they are using our services and why do agency and farmers refuse to employ english pickers?

One good thing is they do go home and do not take advantage of our benefit system compared with the Million legal and illegal immigrants. Take the Latvian mother-of-ten who demands bigger council house despite raking in £34,000 in benefits. 31 with 10 Children most from Latvia most with different fathers and we are expected to believe they are all hers? and she says she works as a Cleaner is that between reproducing more scroungers.

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