Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Who am I

I am not Female, I am not an Ethnic minority, I am not a sexual deviant (Gay or Bisexual) I am not disabled, I am not an Olympian, I am not a Moslem, I am not an immigrant, I am not a refugee, I do not have a partner in my personal life I have a wife


What I am I? A 62 year old Englishman who is white, Christian, normally sexed (Heterosexual), Male taxpayer


What I am I?   Some one who is treated as a 2nd class subject of her Majesty.


Why do people who in their 60’s plus want to wear clothes on holiday that only suitable for youngsters? At home I wear Track bottoms and Polo shirts as I do on holiday I am continually scruffy

Visited Totnes Devon there is 30 plus coffee shops lovely town, yet they have just allowed a Costa Coffee Café to open. I have nothing against Costa Coffee but I can not see the logic of the local council when allowing planning permission. I expect the argument for Costa they would employ more people but what happen other coffee shops will close making people unemployed, in this economy it is highly unlikely the shops will leased, therefore a loss of Business rates and loss of rent for owner who then does not pay so much tax. A losing situation all round in my opinion

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