Thursday, September 27, 2012

Immigration a reply

Cllr Martin McCusker views on immigration are rather simplistic, obviously everyone wants a good neighbour irrelevant of ethnicity or religion but immigration is a massive problem in this country brought on by the last Labour Government and European Union legislation. This country is in a recession and has millions unemployed, legal and illegal immigrants are taking jobs from British people not because British people are lazy but because many of these immigrants work for a substantially lower wage and is this saving passed on the consumer NO just more profits for the employer, the NHS needs to cut back on its finances yet the burden put on them by the influx of immigration has been massive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rent a house because there are non available because all of sudden there several more million immigrants coming to this country. Plus immigrants are favourably treated when it come to housing, that’s rubbish I hear you say. Well let put it another way, it is the duty of a council to house the homeless and what section is the biggest Yes Illegal Immigrants and legal immigrants how many of them arrange a rental before they leave their country. There is also a burden on the Benefit system as most illegal immigrants are not allowed to work so therefor sponge of us tax payers as for those that do work most do not pay tax because they are low paid or only stay in this country for a short period of time

Yes there is a need for certain types of foreign labour but only when there is not enough indigenous people i.e Brits to do the work because organisation like the NF and English League are gathering momentum there membership is on the increase and no longer do they see themselves as white only organisations they are also 3rd generation Asians and Black people who rightly believe they are Brits and see that they are fast becoming victims. I am not so sure whether they will use the democratic process or will be allowed to take part in democracy.

Apart from what politicians tell you immigration does not benefit the country go ask the unemployed or those living in cramped housing.

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Martin Clarke

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