Thursday, September 20, 2012

Migrants given priority over Brits

Border chiefs give up trying to find 80,000 migrants: Backlog of 500,000 cases as just 1 in 10 is kicked out

 Couple that with the amount of Baby's being born in the UK has risen dramatically all because of immigrants. These immigrants have contributed nothing to GB but can take all the benefit's all because of the Human Rights act. Will it change NO because Cameron has reneged on getting rid of the Human Rights act,

What did Tony Blair say:
He said "if I'm remembered for one thing, I hope it's for bringing the Human Rights Act in here"

A friend of mine son's was involved in a Car Accident over a year ago and suffered sever Brain damage. Some of his treatment has been fantastic but lot hasn't and the fact there has been an improvement is a lot down to his father and ex wife. The boy hopes to return home with in the next few weeks after he has had plates fitted in his head. Yet as his parents are divorced the father has his own house but his mother has a house which is totally unsuitable and obviously the care of the child will be shared between both parents. They asked social services for help in finding a more suitable house and help them financially, as you can imagine the financial implications on the family have been enormous most of the time the parents stayed at the hospital. A Social Service Officer stated that the budget was for Social Service was inadequate for financing housing and there was a priority on housing illegal immigrants. Some of you will think I making this up but a lot of you know who I am talking about so when you see him at Judo ask him. Why do I not name him because we all know how spiteful some of these government Bureaucrats can be be and I do not want to ruin his chances for other funding

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