Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tesco & CourtHouse

Dear Editor

I was rather bemused by a headline comment on your letters page “Supermarket would be a nightmare” it referred to the Cherry Tree Restaurant becoming a Tesco Supermarket. What amused me was the writer Steve Barton came from Ufton Lane this is the other end of town about a mile away, I found it difficult to see how it would effect him? Now I live 50 yards away from this site and I would prefer it to be a high-class restaurant with maybe a celebrity Chef, if this was not to happen I think a Tesco express would be a good thing for the people this end of Town especially for the elderly who could avoid the Town centre or maybe even a small hotel. What we do not want is a block of Social housing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   flats, which will be filled by the great unwashed, unmarried mothers, immigrants and druggies but I expect the latter will happen, championed by the lefty PC Do Gooders who not have to live near them

The Court House is causing some controversy and maybe turning it to a Community Centre may be a good idea but why should the Council pay for it? Those who want the idea should arrange there own finance put their money into the project not Council Taxpayers money. My mother done it when she purchased the Old Methodist Church in East Street she went the bank and borrowed the money and it became a Martial Arts Centre, which is a non-profit making organisation. When we were established the Council helped with Business Rates and gave us invaluable help with advice on how to become a CASC and how to apply for grants. The same could happen to the Court House. One further point if this Courthouse is of architectural interest why wasn’t the Sittingbourne Mill facade not saved?

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