Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scum Bag

I struggle to understand people of today take my daughter Donna she is 42 has a 14 year old Daughter and married a Scotsman who liked to drink, gamble and enjoy some strange smelling tobacco. He was never much of a husband or father in my opinion but she married him and as they “You made your Bed” Thankfully she divorced him.

That when the trouble really started he, according to my daughter was not much good at paying bills but now gives her mere £30 week every now and again. Donna who is on invalidity Benefit was stuck with paying the mortgage which obviously she could not do so next week the eviction process starts and the house put up for sale. It has been on the Market for over 2 years so no chance of that so it will go to auction being sold well below what she owes on the mortgage.

This I expect happens all over the country what I cannot understand is the behaviour of her ex Scott Lawrie. He and Donna may hate each other and I expect the trouble between them is not one sided but surely the duty of a father is to look after his daughter till she is old enough to fend for herself. Yet by refusing to pay the mortgage he will be making her potentially homeless. Yet that will not happen because she is my granddaughter so I have to take on the duties of the Father. What a scumbag! I had thought I would go and see him and give him a good talking to and I mean a very good talking to!!! But Valerie has said I am not to do so I had to agree but I expect one day some one will give him a good talking to.

To think he calls himself a man 

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