Friday, September 07, 2012

Cameron listens to Martin

You may remember I said in one of my blogs that giving Olympics Medals honours was wrong and I suggested an alternative honour i.e. Queens Award to Sport. Well it seems David Cameron must have read my blog because he now wants an alternative award as well, I hope he reads more of my blogs he may learn something.
I am so pleased that the Olympics/Paralympics is coming to end it is becoming boring, like when you have your favourite meal every day of the week for several months.
Plus I fed up with the over excited commentaries they remind of some one who wants the toilet and cannot find one. It starts with I need a toilet in a normal voice until when you can not find one you start holding yourself slightly bent over, hopping about saying “I want a toilet” continually getting louder until eventually you shout “I need a piss”. I could have used another analogy but I thought this one less vulgar, yes yes yes.
Another point which annoys me is when the media report that certain athletes who have won several Gold’s as best Athletes ever. This I think is unfair as they are normally in sports where they can enter several events, many sports you can enter only one event.
One thing is for sure British Non Olympics Sports and Olympic Sports which did not perform well will suffer when it comes to funding and publicity.
Returning to the Sports Award if they give every Olympian one there will so many they become value less

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