Thursday, September 27, 2012


Some times it pays to complain

I recently got a parking fine, something I contested as I thought I was legally parked. My first port of call was the Council to say I wish to contest the fine and was told to write to the Enforcement Office, I then asked under what traffic act had I broken and was told in a rather brisk manner that was not the job of the Council to forward that information. After putting a written appeal forward I got basically the same reply with a little more detail but no detail of any act. Having decided to pay the £35 I wrote a letter to the Enforcement Office, Leader of the Council and MP Gordon Henderson MP and suggested in future when awarding a Penalty Charge they include the Traffic Act that was violated.

Well this week I received a very courteous informative letter from Mrs Wilson Civil Enforcement Team Leader, she went through the exact legislation in details and yes I had parked illegally but on this exceptional occasion she returned my cheque

Mrs Wilson made a point of being informative rather then brushing me to one side, this I believe shows she is a shinning example of what a Council Employee should be TO HELP NOT HINDER Well done SBC for employing people like her

Martin Clarke

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