Saturday, September 22, 2012

Housing Benefit

 Someone I know very well, will be evicted from her House she has a daughter and her ex husband refuses to pay the mortgage even though he is working, may be Booze, Fags and designer cloths are more important to him then the welfare of his child. This Young Women will be evicted and has to find a two-bedroom house to rent and as she is disabled she is on Housing Benefit. SBC has told her the maximum she will get is £570 and the most she can rent is two bedrooms at a cost of £620 pcm. I believe this is only correct, as we have to cut back on this type of expenditure. The problem is that there are not a lot of rental properties and everyone she has approached will not take people on housing benefit. This I feel strange I rent 9 flats and 4 bedsits and I will not have people under 30 and those who do not have a British Passport as in the past they have been nothing but problems but I will take DSS and in this day and age with mass unemployment among British Subjects you have to. The advantage of having people on housing benefit you can have the money paid direct to the Landlord. It seem the reason why those on DSS can not rent is when people get a Buy to Let mortgage one of the stipulations is that they do not rent to the unemployed. So are we soon to see shantytowns popping up?

Martin Clarke

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