Thursday, September 06, 2012

River Dart-Scotland-Penis-Virgina

Took a Boat ride down the River Dart brilliant, had a coach load of Northern Pensioners on board, they started drinking at 12 noon, by the time we docked they had job using their sticks and Zimmer frames. Did not realise how many 50 plus hippies there are in Devon wrinkled version of themselves in the 1970’s and dogs being taken on a boat trip could not understand Why? Till I got to Dartmouth where I realise that Dartmouth is the equivalent to what Brighton is for Homosexuals but for dogs. The shops even put bowls of water out, people in wheel chairs carrying dogs and one case the dog was in the wheel chair with a man pushing it, sent me barking mad.

 Alex Salmon says “Scots should decide whether they should become an Independent Country”.  So stop being subservient to Parliament in London and change to being subservient to Un Democratic Brussels. Mind you surely us English should have a vote to see if we want Scotland in the Union.

He also says he will listen to what the Scots have to say if that is the case why is pushing a head with Gay Marriage when the majority of Scots voted against it?
You listen to some weird Radio Programmes on Radio 4, while Val was cleaning the caravan, doing the washing up etc I had chance to listen “Women Hour” they spent a whole hour talking about Virginias, this was a serious discussion. I thought it hilarious had this vision of a naked women with a mirror looking at that part of the body and talking “Good morning how are you today and what plans

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