Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Honey Pot

Arrogant Cameron

Most us know that the Over Seas Aid Budget is riddled with corruption only the other day the Daily Telegraph wrote a piece entitled British still giving hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to wealthy countries. Yet this toff Prime Ministers till ignores the wishes of MP’s and the Public as a whole, we all know that the government can not afford it our own people are suffering in a recession and of course this Prime Minister with his cabinet of Millionaires do not know what it is to be hard up, nor do the Millionaire MP’s in the Labour and LibDem Party

By all means help the real poor and hungry across the World but stop giving money to rich countries like China and India, plus route out corruption. Aid Money should not be making people Millionaires and making companies Millions of pounds worth of profit.

Will things change NO because the entire major political parties friends have their fingers in the Honey Jar

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