Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Had to Laught

I had to laugh

My grandson 12 year old Lewis is a typical Clarke but is also very gullible and believes everything people say his father was the same at his age. The latest episode, he wanted to get to the town after school but did not want to walk, so one of his mates said jump on the School bus its free. Yes it was free but it took him to Sheerness not Sittingbourne and he had to get his mother to pick him up what a Ding Bat. Yet when I think back I was caught on something like “ apprentice get some Sky hook from the store or go to the store for a Long Wait (Weight).” I was an apprentice on a Farm and when my mates got caught on this I said “They will never catch me on something like that” and of course they did. With mine it was I had to wait for a Tractor and Trailer to go to Sittingbourne Station and pick up some POST HOLES. I waited an hour until the Boss came along realising what had happen and told me to go home. That was embarrassing enough but when I told my Mum she said should go to the Boss and complain. Thankfully my father told her not to as I had learnt a good lesson, mind you I was not to happy when my mothers back was turned he started laughing.

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