Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dogs & GCE

Went for a walk around the old Conyer Brick works, which takes you along the sea wall where the barges used to be. I was disgusted about the amount of Dogs Mess there is on the pathways these dog owners have no respect for other walkers, it was like playing hop scotch avoiding the dog turds. While on holiday I went to Brixham Devon a lovely little fishing port very busy, so why do dog owner bring their dogs who get pulled about, trip people with their leads and knocked into, I feel sorry for the dogs which must be terrified and they call themselves dog lovers

I have to agree with government about reverting back to the old GCE Exam, I feel standards have been on the decline for the last 20 years. This idea where every one can pass is a nonsense the real world does not work like that most of us have to accept failure sometime in our lives. This lowering of standards has spread throughout everything we do even in the Martial Arts where kids as young as 5,6 and 7 are awarded Black Belts. Yet I have a few reservations when I left School at 15 in 1965, I only knew one person who went to University but I did know many people who went into apprenticeships and every 15 year old got a job. That is not the case today. With youngster having to stay on at School till they are 18 would it not be a good idea from the age of 15 to start training them in a skill like an apprenticeship taking City & Guilds this are much more practical if you entering a trade. Let the academics have the Baccalaureates and let those that want work with their hands have the City & Guilds. You may need doctors and Lawyers but you will need Tradesman even more. The Government can help by getting rid of all the unnecessary foreign labour

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